Post up any old school pics of current or old projects

Here is my Camaro that took me 2 years to build and lasted me 2 months before it got totaled. I loved that car. <3 5 years later I built the redrocket.

i like the Z28 wing on the old camaro, looks cool

catalyst in my 240

Pics of the first new car I modded. Damn that was 8 years ago already! :eek: Nothing crazy done under the hood, but some big wheels and a nice body kit :gtfo:


oh jeez… where do i start. i’ll have to get back to this post later.

And how could one forget the white blinding dashboard in it, Mr. Wiggles?

On the way to Waterfest 99. Picked up first @ that show…

Happy Valentines day!

The other probe in that pic used to belong to my buddy Tim, now one of my other friends owns it and it looks nothing like that anymore.

wow u know tim? i haven’t seen him in FOREVER, is he still living here? last i talked to him i think he was looking into taking a job out of state?

Yah I know him, he still lives here, he works for Fed Ex, still lives in NT, and he is actually getting married next year. The probe is now owned by another one of our friends, it spent all winter being worked on, has House of Kolors Tangerine Orange paint, and a Bomex kit, with Konig Unknown rims, eventhough it’s **** it still looks pretty good.

Jay has one of the sweetest collections of coolness.

ahhhh i think i’ve seen this car before… on union road, it did look prety good…does his have 95+ tails? if not maybe this was a different car.

I’ll have to drop tim a line tho, whats he drivin these days?

i try i try :stuck_out_tongue:

It might, but I think it’s just the 94’s, the car isn’t completely finished, inside is still gutted. Tim’s drivin a S10, he had an Extreme Blazer, but I think he’s just saving up for a house now.

yes yes he does

ahhh…the good ol days…

got rid of it last year…had it for about 3 years, and damn it came a long way from when i first got it

if i get a scanner ill post up pics of my oldskool blaza

The paint didnt. :rofl:

Not really that old Skool, but WTF