Damn engine fell out!

Im jacked! went out a little bit ago and low and behold, my engine is on the ground…

Anyone happen to have a trap? I’ve got cheese… Thanks!


Don’t think you’ll need the trap. If that was the motor in your car, you should be able to catch it on foot no problem :rofl: j/k


Just roll the fenders so it doesnt get stuck

Seriously, I cant find it, and if anyone would happen to know where I could get another that would be great. I dont want to resort back to a hamster because I didnt have ANY low end torque with the previous one. Plus I sold it to Darkstar for a premium! I dont know what he was doing with it but it was just before Race Wars

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actually I think darkstar bought the hamster for your ass, how was it?

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i have a bunch on the hill,but its a hour & a half drive for u!:rolleyes:

Sheesh 90 minutes :nuts:


trap kicker

HAY then you can pick up that fender roller to . See everything worked out .


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