Finally got it out

I know this is a daily event at JJ’s, Hybrid, 1st Try, etc, but it’s my first one so… go me! I even had everything disconnected. Didn’t rip anything off, I wasn’t crushed to death, guess it went good.

congrats man!

congrats, gotta start somewhere. We all did

congrats…pulling those motors just doesn’t look like fun…especially without a lift.

I never started yet :frowning:

well i dont really wanna say congrats, b/c it sucks that u had to pull it, but…congrats on a good job on pulling the motor, now build that son of a bitch!!!

I thought this thread was gonna be about a hamster


ever see how tiny he looks behind the wheel of that :kekegay:

nice garage:cool:

You’ve successfully taken your car and broke it in 1/2…what are you going to do now? (go to disney world?)

x2,good job jeff!

aint really bad at all!

I need more room to work, but I don’t want to leave MY car outside. Hmmm, wife will be gone for a few days. Maybe I’ll just kind of expand to the middle bay… :smiley:

is that motor going into the pink jeep?

for u, ya :doh:

oh, good job jeff :cool:

Yeah, some of the other 3 year olds in the neighborhood have been trash talking with their riced out Jeeps, so Ashley is ready to kick some butt with this new setup. :burnout:

She’ll show them whats up!

Congrats …

Lookin good Jeff :slight_smile: