Dangerous site warning


problem here too, I guess it will keep the outsiders out. LOL


Funny how this happened RIGHT after we started talking about how the FBI seemed to be covering things up…


Ive been having the issue on android and Mac with google. I get and error, click back and click it again then the site shows up.


That’s the hack that got the site blacklisted at google. There’s a redirect buried in here somewhere that takes you to some phishing site. You click back and try again and the site loads.

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When you try and follow nyspeed links from google you get this, then when you try and navigate away you get the 2nd one.


Google’s bot saw this and blacklisted nyspeed as a dangerous site. You don’t have a virus it’s just a BS phishing site.


And it is well buried in our giant database. I was an injection that I now need to download and search the database for. I inserted a single line that should prevent the redirect but it will still blacklist since the code is there. Actually I am not even 100% sure that my parse and kill line will stop it.


So is there a fix or does nyspeed have herpes for ever?


Nah, not forever. But it sucks in the mean time.


I implemented a couple of simple things that work in the past and did not work on this. I am still working as I can at a resolution.


I remember my first computer


I build things… At one point in time I was more adept at the computer side of things, I spend more time reading blueprints these days.

Not all of us are social engineering hacker villains.

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same issue here


Still getting this error at work


Yep it’s a bag of dicks. We’re working on stuff though, even though you’re not seeing results yet.


Ok just making sure it’s not a certificate or something on my end that needs to be reset


Should be fixed.


:tup: woo hoo!




Yay now stop getting hacked


Dilly dilly