Dangerous site warning


Time to get the site monkey on the case.



Getting it in Chrome but not IE on my desktop. Not getting it in Safari or Chrome on mobile.


Similar error in FF


You guys need to stop getting hacked :lol:

It’s been doing that Google NYSpeed link -> malware thing randomly.


same on mac chrome




. I see it at work on chrome but not on my phone.


Works blocking me on Chrome, but IE is fine.


Same here. IE is working.

I also feel a little dirty now, using IE




You can still use Chrome, you just have to click details then click the “Visit this unsafe site” link.


Same here on Chrome…




ditto, getting the error


It’s almost like Chrome/Google uses the same database for all chrome installations :lol:


Except for mobile versions of Chrome I guess. Loads perfectly fine in Chrome on iOS.


I didn’t know people use Chrome on iOS


I only installed it this morning to see if I’d get the error. Then I uninstalled it. :slight_smile:

I do the same thing when I’m testing some development changes here at work.


damn it. ok, working on it.


Same here folks.