Google redirect issue


This is happening




I’m pretty sure @tpgsr addressed this last year?


Well it’s currently an issue I just verified it…

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If you use chrome open a new incognito window and goto google and do something like

Street racing

Click the first link and you will end up on something like this


Ah, OK now I know what happened. Our big update last year was after this fix but the most recent update is before the fix, undoing any fix we might have made. Mike’s on it.

Thanks man, we need those mordak:nyspeed searches to give proper links, lol.


Well that and it’s spreading malware and infecting whoever hits the link and clicks on shit :lol:




Oh yeah? Fucking GREAT! Do you know specifically what it’s targeting?


[QUOTE=)>;4595358]Oh yeah? Fucking GREAT! Do you know specifically what it’s targeting?[/QUOTE] Vette owners I suspect.


I didn’t play with it been busy…

I’m guessing flash or java

I think it only tries to do something if you google search a NYSpeed thread and click that link it acts based on the refer


Hmmm, I did google it Sunday and clicked the link, but I have a Mac so I have no idea if it’s affected or not. Balls!


You’re probably fine


@tpgsr The board is still infecting people…


He was working on this the other night.


I can haz virus?


Still broken


Buy one infection get one free, today only!


I don’t know if you guys don’t understand the impact here.

If someone googles something and it comes up with a NYSpeed link they click it and automatically get redirected to that malware site.


Oh we do, @tpgsr has had a full plate recently.


like most orgs, they care about security if they have time for it… if they don’t have time, they prioritize stuff that makes money.