Google redirect issue


Thanks for that fun fact :lol:

It’s been like this for weeks I realize the grep command is fucking complicated.


Yeah I’m sure you don’t know anything about that.

I can’t find anything called grep in CPanel.

/cynical sarcasm


I only complain because the forum search function sucks so I use google and do a lot and the first link always redirects to malware :frowning:


Sorry… I will fix it today. I have been pretty unavailable.


Fixed that for ya.


You could have paid someone other than Mike (your only developer) to fix it…

I know I’m a cynical bastard and I sound like a dick, I also know that this website doesn’t make you a significant amount of income. My point is that when you run a site, you have to take this stuff seriously. Your users rely on you and trust to you to keep them safe. The rest of the Internet also relies on site admins being good net citizens and taking security seriously.

I’m sure that if the homepage was defaced (or you were getting DDOS’d again), your attitude would be different…

I’m off my soapbox now, don’t really care to argue the point any further.


This site makes no one any income. It took 2 years of saving to pay for the recent upgrade work we contracted out (notice we didn’t have any large, money-losing meets) and with DDoS problems & fixes on top of it all.

If it wasn’t for @tpgsr donating his time, and @bing & I going out-of-pocket we wouldn’t even be having this conversation.

We do take this seriously regardless of assumptions and perceptions.


Well, now your web reputation scores are suffering…


it is fixed for now.


It appears to be fixed


cool, probably will take some time for the web rep score to go back to normal. i’ll see if i can submit it to some of my vendors for re-evaluation.


There was a one line injection that was clinging to a Ajax script. Bastards.


pffft at least redirect it to meatspin


It’s happening again


Somebody is really angry at NYspeed.


Still broken


It’s happening still


Why you no want FlashPro?


I just had this happen again coming from google:nyspeed


yeah we had an attack last night… 5th DDOS attack this month. it got us for a couple hours but should be fine now.