Dating : How old is too old?

Just wondering people’s opinions on people dating teenagers.

Let’s say that there is a girl who is 18, and this girl falls for a older guy, and vice versa.

How old is too old?

22, 23, 24?


And is it the same for the reverse situation? Is it more acceptable for a 18 year old male to be going out with a much older woman?


I think that up to a 5 year difference is ok…anything more than that starts to get questionable…

i think the younger they are the more fun it is to break em in

Hhahaha… You know my stance on this, but I think once you are over 21 by a few years, I would only date 21 year olds and older. Just simpler that way when you want to hang out at bars, etc. Obviously the biggest thing is going to be maturity with an 18 year old, etc… You got something on the WHOREizon there, Howie?

5 years either way is ok as long as the girl is 18+

depends on her personal preference

i say as long as both parties are legal , and neither look old or have wrinkles, its all good more or less

my friend shannon is 23 and her bf was 35 i think … he looked old … that was just weird

now that im 26 … im lookin at the 22-28 age bracket … but id still break that self impossed rule if i met some fun 20 yr old or somethin …

about 5-6 years seems to be ok…that’s not too big of a deal

what he said

old enough to crawl? she is in the right position

you know the best part about fucking a four year old in the shower? you can slick thier hair back and pretend they are two!

but seriously… old enough to bleed, old enough to breed… old enough for a yeast infection, old enough for a beef injection…

I am going to concur with the 5 years either way… and 17 is perfectly legal in NY…

christoph u need help

post pics and we’ll decide if she is old enough

i second that

if you are over 21 then she has to be over 21 in my opinion and the 5year rule is good as well.

i dunno man there isnt much over 17 i wouldnt hit

wait, hit or date???

thats two different things man.

hitting it has two implications too…

Hit that shit and no one finds out, or Hitting that shit and everyone finding out.

this would also way many decisions… has kept me out of certain decisions too. :lol:

I think older chicks r hoTT

but I think its hella gay when a 20+ yr old guy dates a chick just cause she is legal.

Those guys usually can’t get girls their age… cause the older chicks know better

I think once your over 21 is becomes acceptable to date anyone your age or older. Dating a “teen” when your 20 or older is definately taboo. Dating a old bag with nasty-ness just aint right… :Rant ended:


who knows…as long as it works


but in some cases … its the 18 yr olds that are cock chasing the older guys …

i can name three 18 yr olds that want mine right now … they call me constantly, and i cant say that i complain


whats a sexaholic supposed to do ?

Your 26… they are 18. If indeed they are cock chasing, it just proves my point… THEY DON’T KNOW ANY BETTER

and therefore should be left alone.

Its just personal pref. I can’t see myself dating a younger chick… I know how easily I could take advantage of them, treat them like shit, and fuck em till I’m dry… but I choose not to.