Datsun 510 ?

Why are you even here?


however, check out this sick CRX bro

Here is a list of threads where Robb starts a thread about his CRX… on son240sx

Now, here is another thread where Robb starts a thread on SON asking if anyone has a 510…

please note that this last link is from 2006 and is basically 100% identical to the current thread you are viewing where Robb asks if anyone hasa 510.

ahhhhh hahahahahah! poor Robb! I dont get it… y doesnt he just get a nissan ???

i dont think robb is even a real person… it’s some sort of new bot where instead of posting ads for viagra or penis enlargers it just posts pics of a CRX… or asks if anyone has a 510 because the bot wants a 510 when it becomes a real person.

^ ahahahaha… has soo many resources for a bot like Robb lol i think for the most part ppl on son just dont care!! idk…lol

the only reason this …thing… hasnt been banned yet is because that’s the cleanest crx ive ever seen

so no one has a Datsun 510 I guess… LoL

who the hell are you?



funny thing is the dude gets asked who he is and he never answers

sig test

LOL I think i have an idea.

I just have to LOL every time I watch this vid. That poor M3.

Well, regardless the 510 looks like shit.

the 510 is the Shit homie …oh i think i found robb …but i warn you his vid burned my eyes.

oh 510’s are pretty nice

there u go robb! lol

and I used to have one of these when i had my G1 …had to push start it all the time.
Datsun 1200 Hatch , was reaaaly rare. mustard yellow, BOne stock.

4 words for you Robb, GTFO, your annoying

holy old thread batman?