Debating buying back car after it was totaled

I need some advice from anybody that has bought back their car after it was totaled from the insurance company. I have a 2002 530i with sport package. Car was rear ended and the rear quarter panel is damaged along with rear bumper and tail light. Car had 119k. Everything else is ok.

Buy back is $2900. Not sure if this car has enough parts in it to make it worth it to buy it back. I know I could break even, but is it worth the time?

My ultimate goal would be pulling the M54 and putting it in the e30 that I have. Then getting another e39 and have some spare parts. I would like to break even on parting the rest of the car out (sport seats, auto transmission, suspension, brakes, body parts, etc).

Anybody think this is possible?

For that much and the amount of work you would have to do to part it out, it almost does not seem worth it. That is just my opinion though.

if you have a place to put it, and pick at it when needed, i would for sure

$2900 is a ton for a buy back. Usually they will let them go for 10% of what they paid out on the car.

I was expecting the buyback to be $1000, maybe $2000. I have had an e30 sitting on the side of my house for three years waiting for me to make time for it. I think at this point, I’m going to skip the buyback and put that money towards something else.

Someone on another forum told me to have the car towed back to my house, yank out the engine, headlights, seats, etc and then send it back to the yard before signing over the title. This doesn’t sound legal, but then again, I still own the car right now. Is this even possible?

well you can always take what you want then junk it.

if you really want to swap the motor now is the best time to do it. then you have EVERYTHING you could need parts wise. Quick google search has an m54 going for like 2k without trans or wiring probably.

then like you said you could part out the car for even more monies.

buy a wrecked e36 m3 or just an s50 or s52 with that and put it in the e30

Not worth it.

This. And it’ll probably be less than $2900.

pull both motors, then ziptie the e30 motor into place in the 530i before they take it. Also, post pics of this so I can laugh at it.

You don’t really own the car anymore though, since you’ve accept the payout check. The payout check was the insurance company paying you for your wrecked car, including the parts you’re now considering taking from it. So yes, I’m guessing there are legal risks with taking parts off it now.

I haven’t accepted a check yet. I still hold the title. I have decided this project isn’t worth it and passed on buying back the car.