del sol rollbar

85 obo


i have a rollbar that supposively fits in a del sol :wow

Who told you this? What does it look like? what brand is it? where did you get it? Is it just a hoop or how many points?

some guy built it for his car but gave it to my friend in a trade for something else i think. my friend didn’t want it so he gave it to me and i have no use for it because it comes no where close to fitting correctly in my car.

That will not fit in a del sol.

i honestly dont know how this wouldnt fit a del sol when the guy that gave it to my friend built it to fit is sol. what kind of car do you think this is built to fit then?

well anyways its roughly 45in wide and 35in high

im the friend he got it off of and yes it does fit in a del sol thats what it was pulled out of, or any honda for that matter if you extend the base bars it fits in any civic but it was made for a del sol.

Interesting. Who made it?

a guy who at one time had a del sol that it was built for ;D

his name was randy or travis i cant really remember. hes a teacher at South glens falls high school or something like that. he and a good friend built it and they did pretty good. welds are perfect. he had racing seats,4 pt harnesses and that roll bar and wanted it stock for some reason. i got it off him. it does fit a del sol i pulled it out of one.


50 bucks

Good price :thumb

need this out of the garage. 50 bucks is a steal!

seriously, i can’t sell it for much cheaper. you could probably just buy and turn it over


put it in my Ek sedan


Ill Give ya $20 if it will fit in my civic