did someone give me a negative reputation rating ? READ ME !

ok, listen up you piss ant … apparently 2 people gave me a rating, one of you was positive and one of you was negative


whoever rated me neg sould fess up so we can take this outside of town …

ill take your car, your money and the respect this time bitch !

prepare to be powned … t70 on a 4cyl stylez yo ! … just make sure its after this saturday, hary still hasnt gotten me the 2 big bottles i asked for :biglaugh:

OH NOES! I got a bad rep toooooooo


yea … i just rated you bad again … take THAT

If I hadn’t given out so many bad ones today I’d do the same to you :lolsign:

lol … i now have 3 new negs listed … bastards … see first pst in this thread for the proper way to handle this

i gave you a positive for a little compensation. negative ratings are teh cooler anyway

i have three as well.

i just checked and I have like 5 more, but my “karma points” haven’t changed… so what’s the point?

i feel nerdy enough with how much time i spend on here already, i don’t think i’ll be expanding on that feeling with rating peoples’ posts

how do you check your own karma? :gotme:

go to user CP and u should be able to see how much feedback u have

omg aaron you smell like poop



ahhh…i’ve been caught


i’m giving you one positive rating, in exchange for a ho-ho next time i see you

Yeah I cant figure out how to check mine either, unless I just dont have any.

Oh yeah and im not a big fan of midgets

if you receive a rating, it will show up on the user cp page, underneith your active posts

a quick way to check your own karma rating is to click on your own karma button undere your own avatar and stuff


<------for example … i would click mine right down here to do that