diecast model vehicles

Anyone know any shops where I can get diecast model vehicles from? I am looking for a Chevy SSR for the woman’s stepdad. Any help is greatly appriciated.


umm try any hobby shops, I know Niagara Hobby carries some, Union and walden.

If you want to go online go to www.exoticar.com

I wanted to get one in the store, cause he will be here tomorrow and wednesday, so I wanted to give it to him, hence wanting to buy it in the store.

i actually picked a few up from BJ’s wholesale. i am pretty sure i saw the SSR there.

they are made by maisto

Also KB Toys (I think that’s the name) anyways the toy store in the mall actually carries quite a few :tup:

where is bj’s? Is that by the galleria mall, or is that sam’s club? I forget

bj’s is on transit by maple

they are uber cheap there… they were less than 1/2 what i saw the same brand selling for at hobby shops.

sweet, is that one of those membership places?

yes maam

maam, now that is just mean.

seriously, Niagara Hobby, at Union and Walden will have them those ugly things are super common, and the last time i was there they had em.

yeah they are ugly, but the guy likes em, to each their own i guess.

there is a bjs off the colvin exit off the 290 too

could try HobbyTown USA in the Sheridan plaza by Sweet Home if you’re in the area. It’s a smaller store, so maybe not.

they have a ton of them

alf sarah and i have a bj’s card gimme a call well shoot up there if you wanna look.

just wait a year until the real ones are only worth a few hundo…


heh, thanks rob, I may have to do that