Hot Wheels/Matchbox/ DieCast Collectors on NYSpeed?

Anyone on NYSpeed a collector of die cast cars?

Now that I have a little guy I have started his collection of toys cars which of course spurred me to get back into collecting for myself as well. So now every trip to a store I go down the toy aisles searching for certain models that catch my interest.

The detail in 1/64 scale cars these days are amazing.

Here are a few shots of the collection I have started over the last few months. Pretty much all Hot Wheels brand with a few Matchbox that are not pictured and of course Monster Trucks. Many more monster trucks have been gathered and created since this picture was taken.

Anyone else here on NYSpeed into die cast collecting?

i believe i literally have 2 copy paper cases worth of matchbox/hot wheels cars in my parents attic. i really need to go through them some day there is easily several hundred of them.

I’m sure there’s a lot of members on here in the same situation. Go through them one day! Some of that stuff could have some value.

Yup, everytime I pass the toy isle I grab some cars

Post what you grab! What are you usually looking for in particular?

Ill have to take some pics but I have (2) S2000. One in the package and one out. Coloring changing lambo (kids love it) some exotics and some classic imports

Heck yea. get some photos up! Hopefully others will follow and post what they have. Die cast cars are awesome.

Trying to go to sleep man lol
Heres a few pics

Just picked this one up. Will be coming out soon

Hahah I didn’t mean you had to post up right then! But thank you. That s2000 is nice! Hot wheels has another one coming out soon with a Tein springs livery. As well as a classic NSX. Not sure how close you follow this stuff.

While I don’t ‘collect’ them necessarily… At last count, my 5 year-old son has over 500 Hot Wheels…


My dream as a kid!

Used to collect them. have close to 300 still in the packages that I collected from middle school on up. When I moved, I realized they were taking up space and not appreciating like I’d hoped, so after a couple week stint trying to sell it all, I just gave them to my brother for my nephew. He now gets a new car every time he’s good, and I get much more value knowing he’s enjoying them.

I still walk by and look at them in the stored though…

i have 100’s of hotwheels still in the packages and even more of the bigger die cast cars, il have to get some pics when I get a chance

I used to collect Burago models as a kid.


The fact that someone read “toy isle” and created that makes me lol.

Post up your collections when you get a chance!!


When the little guy is asleep while I’m home alone before work I do some custom Hot Wheels and Monster Jam trucks. Inexpensive hobby since I cant afford to do much to real life cars at the moment. It satisfies my need to be working on something. It’s entertaining modifying and detailing things.

Then when they are finished and little man is awake, we play with them.

^ Nice Work!

I had a huge amount as a kid of hot wheels and matchbox. Around 14 I started collecting for about a year. Sold most at garage sales we had. Still Have this one.