Digesting your food...

how fast do you digest your food? Because seriously i ate like an hour ago and i just had to drop the kids off at the pool.

is this normal :help:

Sounds normal to me, but you’re probably mistaken as to what is really going on inside you. What you pooped out was NOT what you just ate. Your colon was simply making room for the new food you were still digesting, by evacuating the existing stockpile of crap.

you might be right but…

well when i eat a suspect tomato and then i see it in the bowl, i would think that i just ate it :wink: maybe my body hated it and just passed it right through.

How is that possible? It can’t take some kind of express lane and pass the other “travelers,” can it?

Eh its kind of like one of those play-doh things, add more and some comes out, sometimes in the shape of a star, or maybe even a square if you are skilled enough!

i dunno. all i know is that tomato looked bad and i should have passed on it.

I herd that if your body does not like something you eat it will push it threw in an hour or two.

next time eat a crayon with it…you’ll have multi colored poop, and know how long it took.

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

“told you this was a shitty road”

can somebody then tell me how to make my digestion faster?

hm…maybe i can get thinner…faster! hehe

We call the one bakery worker “bag juice” because he has a colostomy bag. I’ll ask him…

I’ve heard similar… I do so believe I’ve experienced it a few times. thai food pwns me.

:crap: :shoot:

Some Chineese place have little red peppers with General Tso’s and Sesaime, more to add flavor while cooking not to eat alone.

If I bite into one I am guaranteed to go poopy in 1/2 an hour. This isn’t a normal crap either. First stage is normal poo poo. Second stage is diahrea. Third stage is something gawdawful and burning.

Usually it only take 20 seconds for all three stage to leave the body. Although I have never tried this, I can explain the experience as a large beach towel that has been in my ass yanked all out at once, in one swoop. I then will whip my ass to make sure my colon didn’t turn inside out from the freight train of shit. It all makes me light headed, not from the smell either.

Fairgentleman Z… I just cried from laughing. that sounded so aweful I couldn’t help it.

:rofl: :rofl:

seeeeeek heeeeeelp.