Do any of you use a VPN?


Any suggestions? Basically just want my IP rerouted, and perhaps this will solve my throttling issue that I suspect.


What do you think is being throttled?

More than likely if you’re being throttled it’s because of overall bandwidth use not bandwidth to a specific site. Verizon was throttling Netflix a while back as a way to force a better deal but that was resolved a long time ago.


The speeds very greatly, like night and day for the same application, such as streaming services. And call me paranoid but I’d like my internet activity masked and rerouted.


When I work from home, my company uses Cisco AnyConnect. I would not suggest using this. It may be the company settings/servers but usually multiple times throughout the day it will disconnect and re-connect for no reason. I have my person laptop next to me and it doesn’t get disconnected from my WiFi so I know it isn’t my internet causing it. I’ve spoken to other co-workers and they experience the same issues.

Sorry I’m not much help in terms of something to use but I can at least advise one to stay away from.

Edit: I also have greatly reduced connection speeds when connected to VPN versus disconnected.


what are all the usual reasons people go with VPN?

I’ve seen a few services being offered for like $10 a month for a few devices. Is this mostly a privacy thing?

what do you lose by doing this? will google still auto-fill all the forms they are auto-filling for me now?


Only time I ran one was when I had NHL Center Ice and wanted to stream Sabres games. Made my connection look like I was in Chicago so I didn’t get the local blackout.


Use a VPN so some other random fly by night company can look at your shit vs your ISP who is actually regulated lol

Or you just use SSL and DNS over HTTPS


^ This is why I refuse to jailbreak my Fire Stick or whatever people do. It’s like licking a toilet seat, you’re gonna get AIDS.


I have no idea wtf @LZ1 is talking about lol
how do I do those things you speak of?



Who is you’re isp? If it’s spectrum, you maybe experiencing the same thing I do where my connection is fast then around 6pm (when everyone gets home) the connection gets a little slower then by say 11pm it’s back to 450+megabytes. A colleague of mine who used to install cable said they use like a hub for developments like mine that supplies the whole neighborhood so it get loaded up during peak times and slows the connection. I’m no expert but it kinda makes sense.


I do use spectrum. hmmmmm


Who would have thought things might be slower during peak usage? lol