Doctors Office on Union

Whats that doctors office on union behind darryls car audio? I need the number.

Phone book? or dont you have access to a phone book, its free you know. Maybe try the internet.

dr. kavorkian can help you out

Lol ^^^. I got that one.

its a kaleida affiliate i think…

a bit off topic, but congrats on getting a phone!

Nope dont have one I can use a pay phone or whatnot, I just work 9-5 tomorrow and was hoping to set up an appointment on thursday. I can try to go there during lunch if noone knows.

I will have a phone very soon though.

And dr. kavorkian doesn’t do that anymore.

do you have health insurance?


lifetime health look it up

mark shut up! hahaha

Thanks a ton.

Burning when you pee is normal. Ignore it, it’ll go away.

What about burning when I shit?

Got the ghonnaherpasiphilaids huh?


both will work