Double Fatal Motorcycle Death

In this day and age “right of way” literally means jack. I think I’ve only gotten the right of way, driving or riding, may be 20% of the time.

These two most likely bet their life on their assumption that they will be given the right of way and they lost.

Members of the Oswego County Sheriff’s Office and the West Monroe Fire Department responded to a motor vehicle crash that occurred around 2 p.m. Sunday (March 18) on State Route 49 at the intersection of Whig Hill Road in the Town of West Monroe.

The crash is involved a 2005 Ford pick up truck versus a 2006 Harley Davidson motorcycle.

The driver and passenger of the motorcycle were pronounced dead at the scene.

The lone occupant of the Ford was transported to the hospital for evaluation.

The investigation continues and notifications to family members are pending at this time.

Fatal Crash Victims Identified – Investigation Continues
Posted on March 19, 2012 by Steve Yablonski
OSWEGO, NY – Oswego County Sheriff’s Investigators have released the names of the persons involved in a truck vs. motorcycle crash that occurred Sunday afternoon on State Route 49 in the town of West Monroe.

Investigators have identified the driver of the eastbound pickup truck as 65-year-old Carl Wells of Parish.

Wells was transported to University Hospital, Syracuse, with non life threatening injuries.

The driver of the motorcycle has been identified as Robert Hoke, 54, of Westernville, NY.

Hoke’s passenger on the motorcycle was Lisa Staple, 49, of Rome, NY.

Hoke was operating his 2006 Harley Davidson westbound on State Route 49 at the time of the crash.

The investigation is continuing, but deputies believe that Wells’ failure to yield the right of way may be a contributing factor.

source: oswegocountytoday

“I didn’t see you” let’s people get away with murder.


only if the person you kill is on a motorcycle.

That is true.

Also if nobody else saw you, unlike car accidents in bike accidents cars can typically drive away.

So this is what at least 4 deaths in upstate NY already?

four damn

reading this really makes me want to finish my bike now. :facepalm

Yesterday there were 2 bikes headed in the left lane behind a line of cars all doing the same speed, maybe 5 over down western ave, I was in the right lane as they passed me. the car I was following for a few minutes ahead of me, decided it was time for him to speed up (difference of 2 mph at 5pm traffic on western ave) so I see in my mirror the bikes coming, they pass me, pass him and just as they pass him this asshole middle aged guy cranks it out behind the 2nd bike, no blinker and rides their ass like 2 bike lengths behind them (goign side by side down the road). Enough of a dick move that one rider threw his left arm up like “WTF BRO???”. Dude still didnt back off them. We got to the light… me still staying in my right lane, everyone stops and I pulled along side him. our windows are down and I say “Hey, (dude looks over) how did that unsafe move you did back there help you out??? No reason for you to crank it out and tailgate those riders… it didnt get you anywhere faster bro.” I got the typical look away and middle finger. “Show riders respect man, and stop driving like a dick.” Light goes green, he pulls away rides the bikes ass again for a bit them puts his blinker on and pulls back in my lane, then 1000 feet later takes a right and pulls into the gas station… so none of that bullshit he pulled was even worth it.

Cut the shit people, and respect the riders and drivers. Pass the word around, stand up for yourself and your fellow riders and do something when you see this shit happening around you.

Lotta aholes out there, both on 4 and two wheels.
I was riding from Thatcher park today on rt85, going the limit 55mph, enjoying the ride.
Then I hear a motor behind me and some jackass squid wearing fullface and t-shirt on a cruiser roars past at 70+ (in the same lane as me), only to get behind the car ahead and do the limit. Than there was some dude in Albany who was revving the piss out of some old streetfighter to impress the sidewalk, going back and forth between two backstreets who was wearing his helmet like a baseball cap. Too much ego and too many people using their vehicle as dick jewelry.