Drift Daddies Promo

Goes like this…

I was at Shoppers’ today with my wife and one of my sons and they were blowing out all of their good baby shit because there is new stuff coming out…

sooooo… i bought pretty much everything off the shelf that they had.

We’re going to use most of it but my wife sorted out some stuff that we likely wont use. Pics below.

Anyways, for any of the guys out there that are building cars and chasing drift dreams with lil babies at home I’m going to give this stuff away to clients… minimum order $300, one item per $300 spent (IE: spend $600 get two things).

Everything in the picture is $12 - $25 each… and you know how annoying it is to spend $15 on a plastic fucking cup… frig… The Avent stuff is premium stuff… not dollar store baby gear.

just going to give it away until its gone.

kinda weird idea i guess, it was an after thought. Baby making pays off in more ways than one now :slight_smile:


May need this for my friend who spills coffee constantly

She put her coffee on the dash to get out of the car and it slid off right into her purse :smiley:

yeah shes blonde.

^^hahahah this is AWESOME.

I’d be over this stuff if I already didn’t stock up.

You should see how many diapers I have from the P&G sale.

200 diapers pampers for $22 no tax.


I’d buy the shit outta those and make another baby just to use them at that price…


Quien es tu papi?

this is an english forum.

i gave most of this away already and what’s left is going to our neighbour who’s expecting in a few months.

My bad Bing! If I have any extras we can split? lol