Dyno Day interest?

Anyone interested in a dyno day in August/September? Check out how much power you car is putting down after all the summer mods? Post up, and if there is enough interest we will book a day.

im there!!

same here

I will be there as well.

i will be there if i am employed :o

A car will be there…what do we expect for prices?

I might be there - depends on what day it falls on.

I’ll be up for it

I should be down.

I’ll probably be there sans nissan. Dodge power!

if anyone insterested, i got a whole day for dyno on july 18th at apex modified, so if you want to dyno, email me at andy_jphs@hotmail.com or pm me.

if only it was a week later

Ditto for me

How about we try for the end of september?? Like saturday september 24th? I hope to have my car done by then so I could finally put some #'s down.

I wanna know how much power my cavalier has…

I raced 3 Lancers and beat all of them, it was disgraceful… Then I laughed…

Im down for a dyno day

Don’t we have one scheduled for Aug 13? Anyway, I’d be interested in seeing what this rebuilt engine can do. All broken in now . . . :smiley:

yea when is our next one ?!

if aug 13, awesome cuz i have the day off

There is not a Dyno day on Aug. 13. If you are referring to the date on the calender, that was only tentative.

LOL Thats so funny… Where the Lancers Racing?? Are you going to be doing the Dynos @ Apex???