E9X OEM Replica CF Splitters - Pictorial Reference


For reasons I’ll be working on this week I was shipped some Top Speed E9X OEM CF replica front splitters instead of the E46 rear diffusers i ordered (Sorry Ian).

Anyways, since I have them and since I recently had and sold a set of ebay replicas i thought i would post pics of each and offer a comparison.

As i look through my pics of the other valances i wish i had a reverse pic of the ebay brand because it helps explain why these Top Speed ones appear to be much better.

Both of these valances are made in China but mystery Ebay ones were obviously hand-trimmed after being pulled from the mold. My experience with hand-trimmed fibreglass over the years makes this a first-look item.

You can’t really see it in the pics of the ebay ones i’ll post at the bottom here but on many of the key curves the guy who hand finished them did a poor job and the edges are more jagged and uneven.

The Top Speed ones show a much higher quality finish and the edges and lines of the splitters are much much stronger.

There is also much more body to the rear where the mounting points are. I haven’t test-fitted yet but I’ll take pics of that tomorrow.

Here are the pics of the Top Speed Splitters:


reverse side:


close up of the key angles:



These are the ebay ones that i had a few weeks ago… i didnt take close ups since i never intended to do this kind of comparison because i assumed they would all be the same.



CSL trunk spoilers?

sorry. no

Installed the splitters today.

I spent maybe 6 minutes putting double sided tape on them while having a conversation with someone else. less than 30 seconds press-fitting them onto each side of the car and then less than 5 mintues each side with a heat gun and a cool damp rag to apply pressure. No bolts used. We’ll see how it holds up. To be honest, my preference would be to leave them as is so that if i hit something the tape will just tear instead of bolts ripping off.

The outcome is pretty exceptional if you ask me. Check the key contours of the splitters… they line up perfectly.