omg :eek:

even better than


sweet find gay kid.

holy shit that’s awesome… there goes the rest of my work-day…

This is one of the many reasons why google stock = teh win

I’ll have to check this out at home, work computer probably wont run it :tdown:

thats sweet you can see my rents house. but not mine :frowning: apparently they dont see a need for high res pics of akron ny.
i dont understand why :slight_smile:

i wish i would have been at my rents when they took the pic. it would have been cool to see my car in the drive way.

oh, maybe i was at hybrid… gonna have to look there. it like where in the world was Zer0DazE.

found me.

i was at work :slight_smile:

the pics of williamsville are atleast 3 years old, becasue we were at the old building.

hahaha awsome

Those 3D buildings are just bonkers (if you check buildings)…sucks to be the guy that was in charge of the models on those :lol:

this program is Awesome!

Zwarbyt: Diverting hardworking citizens from their work and decreasing productivity at jobsites by 200% one day at a time…

oh. my. god.

i can see all the bars around work

so fucking cool.

OMG go to the directions tab and then hit play OMG OMG

wow, this is fucking bonkers

go to a major city and then click “buildings” and it renders them in 3d

GO to local search, in the top put “pizza” and in the bottom put your zip code

this is just fucking insane

this is as cool as the first time i saw a tit

how come nyc doesn’t have 3D buildings like the option says, but new orleans does

nyc does