ECS Lights Flashing?

Driving around for like a half hour last night, and my ECS (Electronically Controlled Suspension) lights start flashing. Normally there are 2 places on the dash for the lights. One is Sport, the other Tour. I hit a button to change between the 2. They are never on together, but when they flash, they flash at the same time, for the same duration… like a pair.


I couldn’t find anything in the manual, and I can’t get on my 3SI bible… so I’m looking to the techs on this site to see to it that I can get home safely.

i have the same sort of deal on my car for the adjustable suspension. only with mine its like a toggle switch so it can only be in one or the other mode. sounds like one of your actuators might not be workin right?? just a guess

bump for the unemployed group.

nah 2nd shift


I don’t want to mess with the actuators quite yet… and i use the sport mode all the time… so I don’t want to lose it

yea i hear ya i always cruise in sport mode myself. did you get any ideas other than the actuators?

not yet. I’m sure I will find an answer on 3SI but I have to wait to get home to go on

Question: “Why is my ECS tour/sport lights flashing?”
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Thanks… but I couldn’t view 3SI while I was at work.


lol… aparently, for those of you interested, either my caps are screwed up on the ECS ECU or one of the wires has been pinched, cut. It only happens on occasion so it could be either, but there is a local guy in Rochester that has already fixed his, so I’m waiting for hom to chime in on my local 3S forum.

well good luck with that