Edgefest is always a good wasted(as in drunkk) time- hot bitches, cold beer. and good music, its at the “pier” and the parking lot is perfect for boozin’ beforehand, im sure i can get my boyz (u know who u are) in and if anyone else is down for a good time we should set up a meet at edgefest and get fuxed up before the show.

ill be there w/ the gf

already got my tickets…

not really looking forward to it being at the pier though…the best days were those at lasalle park

I hate how the Edge is slobbing on Billy Idol’s nob, just because he’s comming to buff… Edge does have a way of playing music now that wasn’t even cool 10 years ago.

I thought the show was sold out? I’d still like to go to see OLP, like their first show in forever… that’s gonna be cool.

actually i think it will be better at the pier, i went to “kiss the summer hello” about 5 yrs ago at the pier and it was a complete out of hand time. and i dont think it could ever sell out there, the grounds are just too big

OLP > all

OLP and Static-X make it worth the ticket price for sure. Wish I could afford to take the day off but I’m in debt like whoa. Make sure you guys who go writeup a review. :tup:

i loved it when it was at lasalle park.
i heardly listen to the radio anymore. can someone fill me in on details? date, time, price, etc? thanks.

i’m going mostly for flogging molly…the billy idol is cool and so is static x and olp…should be a good show, but as far as the pier goes, i have never actually been there, other than passing it while on the boat, but isnt it all like patio or wood floors? i didnt know they had a big like grass field part…because crowd surfing and moshing on a floor isnt exactly safe…not that it is to begin with, but i’d rather land on dirt than concrete or wood…

and how are they gonna fit two big stages there? last i remember, they have two big stages, and while one band plays on one, another sets up on the other stage, so music constantly flows…is the pier big enough for that?

im po…being poor is too expensive right now. im so broke i owe the bank money lol…thats sad.