just wonderin whose goin, its next thursday the 21st. i shall be there lookin like this :bloated:

How much did you pay for your tix?

heard it was near 80 a ticket or somethin crazy like that.

im savin my loot for edgefest, and leaving when billy idol hits the stage, but the other 10 or so bands rock!

bday gift from my gramma…all i know is that she just orderd it yesterday and to have the ticket mailed to my apt it was 18.50…i got the gen admin ticket aka “grasspass” includes parking ticket thing and 10-15$ for food and beverages aka…more brew for me :lol:

fuck all the bands at edgefest…billy idol is fuckin sweet…then the only other two good bands are static-x and olp…i will be in attendance for that…

and i will also be at warped tour this year which has a decent lineup…thrice,transplants,funeral for a frend, avengned sevenfold,offspring and alot of others…finally some good shows for the summer, but there all within a few days of each other…im gunna look like this :bloated: i dont care, i get to beat people up in the pits and not care w00t w00t

I’ll be there…btw I only paid $30 for a lawn ticket

fuck ozzfest…warped tour is where its at

ill be there as well to beat you up in the pits jeff…bring the 4do peon with you

o its being brought…cant wait for warped tour

warped was way better back in the day…like 5-6 yrs ago now its all played out not worth my money

^hence why im going on a free ticket…thrice is sweet though “tup” and from what i remember from like 8 yrs ago seeing offspring they put on a sweet live show

Im going to try my hardest to go




cant wait to see iron maiden, that should be great :tup:

Our is on the 23 of this month.
I’m so excited.
Killswitch bitches.

^^killswitch was the best of the day…and they loved every fuckin minute of it…ozzy and iron maiden were amazing as well

ps…don i hope u enjoyed maiden since you got to make it out there

Damn that was a long hot day.

Killswitch was good, saw them with Slayer before.
Rob Zombie, although good, made me realize how much I like La Sexorsito more than anyother. So I enjoyed Thunderkiss '65.
Shadows Fall was pretty good, although I don’t follow new music too much, if at all.
Maiden, what can I say, definately one of the most meldoic metal bands of all time. Great sound, so full of energy, definately made me feel like I was watching someone larger than life (usually I get bored with the “energy” of a concert).
Sabbath, well I wasn’t to excited about seeing them, not until I heard so songs that conjured up memories. I got annoyed that they would play a riff here or there (Supernaught, Symptom of the Universe), because it was just like the intro, like some crappy re-mix. Tony Iommi rocks.

Maiden fuckin rocked the house plain and simple hey didnt miss a fucking beat

Sabbath was amazing…geezer, bill and tony were amazing musicians again i as well was not too stuck on seeing them but the songs were so amazing in person much more than on the albums. Ozzy, well, I love Ozzy but man he is just over the hill…he is fucking shot. Rumor has it that he kept dousing himself with water because he was pissing his pants uncontrollably…but then again it was a rumor…

Either way i would love to see ozzy again but man i just feel bad for the guy.

Good show, i am a lobster, the guys who went with me rock, even when they color their teeth with crayons.

“make sure their etible”

i cant wait for you to go there, and then leave after seeing hawthorne heights, and falloutboy :stuck_out_tongue:

JUST got back from Ozzfest here.
Looong day. Woke at 7, was there by 9. Wasted.
Then I sobered up…and it was hot…so I hid under a tree for most of the day. As a matter of fact I didn’t even see anyone but Ozzy perform today.
SO FUCKING HOT outside. I’m burnt to a crisp.
All in all I thought last year was way better. Ozzy was quite the energetic little jumping monkey on stage this time but his singing SUCKED he sounded so f*d up…and the guitar, Ozzy and drummer were all so off from one another. Sigh.
And the speakers were turned awfully low this time around so ya couldnt really hear too much from the different stages throughout the day.
Overall, one thumb up one thumb down.

I wanted to see Shadows Fall, Zombie, Mudvayne and i thin…tyeah thats bout it unless im mssin sombody…alas im broke and couldnt go :tear:

lol faggor im going for much more than just them