Edmonton vs Anaheim

The first game of the series is on… in case anyone is interested. It’s on CBC.

i really wish direct tv had CBC, cus i have to watch it on OLN. i hate the OLN announcers so much. there’s no enthusiasm in their announcing. the only time there’s any enthusiasm in their commentating is when the announcer puts the emphasis on “fires” or “big save”. thats it. the complete opposite of Rick J.

Not a bad game. I think the Oilers squeaked by with the win. Anaheim was pushing hard all through the third period and had some really good scoring chances. I think game 2 for them will really set the tone of the series.

crap, i missed it :frowning:

I watched it on OLN (71) just because Adelphia gave it to us for free… might as well use it while we have it.

oilers rock

8th seed going to the cup what

I just like seeing Selanne, on the Ducks again.


oilers have a real solid defence. the ducks had a bunch of chances, especially in the 3rd, but most were outside shots. they couldn’t get many chances down low or in the slot. they also tried to get a little too fancy on some chances trying to pass when they should have just taken a shot.

this game was on 4 chennels last night for me

in HD ftw

The oilers better step it up, because with a 3rd period effort like that, they’re going to drown very quickly.

Game 2, the ducks are going to be one pissed off team, I hope the oilers can hold them off.

edmonton will be fine

oilers and sabres in the cup


edmonton won’t lose at home…at least not to anaheim…vs the sabres is another question :stuck_out_tongue:

if edmonton steals game 2 in anaheim, i guarantee a sweep…