Electric bills skyrocketing

Anyone else? I thought it was just the tesla, hottub and ac but it looks like the rate per khw has more than doubled since april. Went from $0.064/0.048 to $0.125/$0.080 last month.

Wait till the gas bill doubles too, this is going to be super bullshit winter.

My electric bill has been $18 since March and won’t likely go above that until Dec when I run out of solar credits. Should have been enough to get me through the year but we’ve been keeping the house colder with the central air now that we have so much almost free electricity. #SolarLiberty

I’ve already seen the cost of natural gas going up running the pool heater this summer. I guess next up is going to be one of these, so I can capture the heat the AC is sucking out of the house and put it into the pool.


Wow that is genius.

yeah super good idea