End Emo Hair Now... + myspace relate



lols… i think i saw a fellow nyspeed’er in that :lol:


lol how many emos does it take to change a lightbulb?

none, they all will just sit in the dark and cry

LOL :smiley:

emo gets a bad rap from all these bubble gum kiddies, they have ruined something that was once actually kinda cool.


(newman is excluded from this, he’s some how doesnt suck)

Trends are NEVER good…lol

lol emowned

well, ironically, i really dont listen to any emo. i just dress like a gayboy. but i definitely need a haircut.

Hahhaha!! Buzz it all off and start your own fashion trend… Call it Newmo…

lol, newmo


:sigh: See this kind of stuff on a daily basis at work. So tempting to pin the kids down and shave their heads… but with laws and all… :bloated:

emo = almost as bad as pink shirts and popped collars

haha that was awesome



There was still some dumbass with his collar popped last time I was out. I kinda felt bad for him. He obviously hasn’t had a girlfriend in at least 3 years or she would have fixed him.