End of summer deals

As I continue to chase my goal of 300 used cars this year I will post up vehicles that are priced aggressively and seem to be inline with the type of vehicles that NYSPEEDERS drive whether it is a car or a good deal on a daily driver. Instead of adding a new thread every other day I will post cars in here that meet this criteria.

I will post price/mileage and then you can contact me via call or text for additional information.

All used cars come fully reconditioned and retain the factory warranty as well as out Engines for life program

Contact name: John Kramer
Number: 716 479 1084

Also if you are looking for something specific, please feel free to call/text or post in here and I can assist

Year: 2013 Infiniti G37 Sedan x
Miles: 13k
Price: $23,571.00


Bump this infinity now comes with a 55 inch tv

G37x you mean right?


Bump if anyone is looking to purchase a new or pre owned vehicle please give me a shot looking to move some sports cars and some aged inventory

Possibly looking for a decent pick-up under 10k for winter.

PM me please

pm sent

bump for that infinity, it is now $22,490

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also if you purchase any car now through labor day you get a free smart tv


Bump 9250 off of double cab silverado