Epic Bad Date?

love the “paint” drawings.

That was pretty damn funny :rofl:

Who the fuck posts that shit online anyway…let alone makes drawing to illustrate the fact that he is an idiot.

Sounds like he needs to see a Dr.


fucking hilarious

Sounds liek something the SlowRT would post. maybe this is why he was running from the cops…


Chinese Food :yum:

My ribs hurt from laughing.

He has a dedicated pee bottle!

If I was involved in an event that was that terrible/embarassing, the last thing I would do is post it on the internet. That being said…


:rofl: wow

prolly owns a girlie 350z too !

that dude must have no life what so ever…what was going thru his head that said “hey yes this is a good idea to broadcast this to the world, yes that will make things better…”

hilarious read to end the work day though

lmao what a retard. just shit everywhere and leave it there for her to find later.

Hey he said he was trying to clean it up.

whit in the toilet and let the piss go everywhere… deal with that later…

Should of given her the old Upper deck!!!

I like how 70 percent of the body building forum pisses in a bottle.

I was wondering about that myself. Why do they do that?