EPIC Remix of "Bed Intruder"

Best watched w/volume on mute and a non-transparent object over the top LH 1/4" of the Youtube window

Watch her others too.


I appreciate the advice, however I seem to have evacuated all of the semen from my testicles upon viewing the first video.

With warm regards,

Haha, well there’s always tomorrow. Youtube will be there. Seriously though, she’s sick and I want to marry her.

with warm regards;

suck my dick and fuckk off

Cool drunk post, and with that said, stop fucking drunk dialing/texting me.

I will present you with a cellphone bill from AT&T with all the chickenshitbuyllshit you send me on it.

If you can’t afford unlimited texting, you can’t afford the IPhone. In fact, now knowing that you’re on a kiddie plan, I’d text you 10x as much if I could go back in time.

not on a kiddieplan, you just actin a fool sendin me all these texts.

you 'bout to get kicked in the neck