EVDO in Dunkirk


im in route to lannnacaassta from dunkirk and wordddddddd


is it up all over the buffalo area now?

Not yet… :meh: Actually, it is going up and down for me… I’ll get “EV” for a second with no bars and then it goes back to 1x… GRRR!!

Yeah, same here.

I had it for a while the 3rd…but in and out since


someone explain plz?

faster data speeds on verizon cell phones

Verizon Wireless broadband. It’s not available in this area until today (at least that is the rumor)…

oh ok, didn’t know thats what it was called

seriously WTF verizon…Sprint has EVDO working here…so what fucking gives

at least inform the techs at your store better so they can more accurately give dates as to when it will go live

This is where Evolve is supposed to spill his guts and tell us WTF is going on…Or we kill him painfully.

sorry boys, still no official word. im assuming though that out that way (basically rt 5 along the lake) EVDO will be bouncing off the lake, and not be truely out that way.

i could be wrong though. im still hoping it works out here in EA (but i dont personally have an EVDO phone to check)

EVDO, the only way in which rochester > buffalo