Selling My 1992 ford Project that still needs to be done… or just drive it. 6" Pro comp Lift kit (suspension not body Lift)


More info will be helpful. Details, location, ect… Also some pics will help you sell it…


'92… my guess is a 351

post some pics… i need a vehicle

Could be a 4.9 I6, 5.0 or 5.8. The 4.9 is the best one.

the 4.9 was a little beast out of the box

I drove a few trucks with the 4.9 and they had serious torque. Theyre slow as balls with an automatic but go pretty good with a stick. They dont die either. My uncle had a '93 with 242k and it ran great but the truck fell apart around the motor.

pics or ban. we heart ford trucks out here. you don’t got a plow for it do ya?

My brother is thinking about selling the plow off his Ram kinda cheap if youre looking for one.

haha thats it, thats his one post, he’ll never post again… oh well…