F2 92 Jeep Wrangler

posting this for someone on wnyoffroad. This thing seems like a great deal and i figured with winter coming up someone would want a nice 6 cylinder lifted jeep with hard top and full doors

Sellin my 92 YJ. 4.0L 6cyl auto. 155k. red. Hard top with full steel doors. Sittin on a new rust free frame. its SOA on stock springs with new SYE kit and new CV rear drive shaft and new pinion yoke. New wheel hub assy on both sides. New driver side upper and lower ball joints. 32" wild countrys on 15x10 wagon wheels. Rancho shocks and steering stabilizer. runs and drives great. need to sell asap!! $3500 call 716 373 5191 if you would like to see it in person. Possible partial trade for toyota pickup 4x4 or other small 4x4 truck. Originaly askin $4000 then 3500 NEEDS TO SELL $3000 PICS ARE BELOW




Like I said THIS IS NOT MINE so if you have any questions please call 716 373 5191 or sign up on wnyoffroad.com and send a PM to jblade

add “fs:” bump, i like these.

damn it! first time ive done that!

Its ok, i think we have all done that at least once lol anyways…glws

nobody wants a nice jeep???

still around?

wife’s friend looking for a winter car.

as far as i know its still for sale give him a call and say you’re interested 716 373 5191

nice jeep but these things are so cold in the winter, no good seals = scraping ice off the inside of your windows every morning.

is this still for sale

no clue… give um a call 716 373 5191