Where do you get your mani and DP SS T304 tubing from? Do you order it on the internet or is there a place around the area that sells it at a decent price?

metal supermarket if you’re desperate.
They typically have everything in stock all the time.
but are a tad more expensive than most places.
and are local in blo

get it from a junkyard.

I’ve used “buttweld” “fittings” from VP supply accross from the walmart plaza near harlem and walden

Really VP supply sells welding materials?

mcmaster or veracious are a couple that come to mind.

call Chris @ Spdexhaust.com, just sent them a few thousand dollars myself.

klein steel is a good place too.
prob the cheapest i know of around here.
they have a discount place called buffalo steel.

it says surplus/blemish crap, but i really can’t tell the difference on most of it for what i do on some things.

I’ve found that globaltecheng.com has the best prices and selection… by far.

Wow you wern’t kidding. Thanks

I’ve used stainless works stuff because I can get it all at one place, and I’ve gotten good stuff.

I don’t know what the price is, but vibrant performance stuff welds really nice and seems to be good quality stuff, as much as it pains me to say that (first appeared like all foriegn junk).