Fail to end all fails?


That thread has to be a joke.

still funny to read

This is 2008. If that dude was dumb enough to fall for it then he deserves it.

Nigerian scams are so 2000.

dude it has to be fake. its too planned. but still funny

that is fucking hilarious

wtf…i want the end of the story.

good read… .I can’t believe that the Joe guy comes back on to dis the guy

thats gay. dumb joke. not even funny. can’t believe I wasted time reading some of it.

lol I laughed. Page 2 makes it pretty obvious what’s going on (joke)

I am sorry to be away for several days, but I am was competing in the Nigerian Motorcycle Racing Race of Motorcycles. We do not having the raceroad racing here, but I have a modified machine that makes easy time of goat trails and tree stumps are my playthings!

Ok, I am not making any joke here, Mr. Jackie is a good man, and I am patiently waiting for the ramaining $12,000US to clear my bank account by wire transfer immediately. Please Jackie do not tell me that the money has been sent but I do not have! My sister is needing her surgery straight away, or she will not be able to have any more children. This is of great concern because in my country is it of great shame to be barren before the 10th grade.

Thanks to you for hurrying to make sure all of the payment is here!

read it all lol hilarious

that was stupid

x2 :rofl:


cliff notes?

guy sold his motorcycle to someone from nigeria who asked for his bank and routing number so he could transfer the money. the guy shipped out the motorcycle and got notified that he had insufficient funds at his bank. guy is out the motorcycle plus like $12k cash.

guy claims he’s an lawyer in NY and is tracking down the guy so he can give him some street justice. guy from “nigeria” supposedly lives in NY about 90 minutes from lawyer and taunts him.

/lawyer was scammed.

and its soo obivious its fake

someone makes a gay fucking thread on Pittspeed about a gay fucking thread on some other forum.

Sorry. Next time I’ll be sure to make a worthwhile thread like talking about moderators. You know, something that everyone cares about.