Lol hes a fucking liar. Hes just mad because hes slow.


nitro powered high voltage spiking electromagnetic supercharger on high boost cheater :ahh


LolZ I saw him cheating…off my line! Then he beat me :frowning:


im loading my pockets with AA batteries when i go later


Sbardy pushed me around into a 19.3

I found its best to go drunk. Yup.


Awesome job Jammer.



4 patrone. 3 ultras and an old fashion. It’s key


It turns off the giveadamn switch in your brain and activates rocket boosters.


Redbull and vodka Formula 1?


Camelbaks full of vodka and lemonade hidden under your shirt.


19.610 … finally on that fast setting … and boy is that fun …


Only been a couple times. Trying to go at least once a week soon. They should start a league.

Criscone24 - Criscone - 21.865


Is there a way you can start at the highest setting? Or do you have to pay for 5 races and wait?


^ no update, which means you still suck


Wait till you guys get a set of the new skinny tires


That sounds shitty.

Still only been twice. Anyone wanna go some evening soon?


Skinnier tires should make it more twitchy right lol So can you hang a corner full speed and get them to squeal like lil piggys?


They heat up faster and don’t handle for shit… Plus somehow slow the cart down … They only put them on the front if a few carts I believe


That’s fucking bullshit.


Updated list.