Fbi plot to kill me - og member here


what is going on with this


Looks like @bing removed it as spam since it keeps sending up red flags on the forum.

I haven’t heard from him since I made my last post about getting him on his old account again.


If he had an attorney maybe he was advised to take down his post?


FBI prob took it down for him


this shouldn’t be funny but it is.

Best of luck to that man. I couldn’t imagine being constantly harassed by law enforcement.


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Damn you @Bing, being part of the deep state isn’t cool.

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I keep misreading this thread title as “Facebook plot to kill me”


lol @bing working for the feds


im sorry wat?


Im still here. Thought the FBI got to Onyx and took the post down.


No worries. Sometime I laugh as well…its all a fugazi…imaginary pixie dust. What we were told has ended acutually is still in full force.


holy hell man, best of luck to you. I know good LE and I’ve ran into shitty LE.


I still say find a way to put this on Reddit, keep trying man.


None of this smells right to me.

Your descriptions or premonitions about Infragard are completely false. I attend Infragard in Raleigh NC and it’s a bunch of IT and Infosec people that work at desks every day. It’s coordinated by a single field agent. Perhaps they use it as as way to gather cyber intel and data from local IT/Infosec groups, but that’s about it. Their members are not going to actively engage in this type of activity, as the members are just plain ole civilians.

Your “Lets Kill Him” audio is a SERIOUS stretch. I’ve seen 911 hoax videos that are more convincing than that.

I don’t really have the time to go through the rest of this. I’m sure that a powerful family can corrupt a court, but there seem to be some insane mental gymnastics occurring here. Your sister should not have hid those children. Credibility has been completely destroyed and some of the assumptions and conclusions that you have reached here will not hold up in any way, shape or form.

If you think that reddit can help you, I promise they will do the opposite. They will poke every hole possible in this story and tear you a new one.

Sorry to be such a downer. I hope that the children end up in the situation that is best for them.


So much information here, not all that I can see at work…

Maybe I’m just an idiot but I see not complete story page. From browsing most of those different tabs the story is basically father of you sisters kids who is not in the picture wants to see the kids, he is granted supervised visitation time. Abuse and other stuff happens during those visits, so he is reported but nothing really happens.

He somehow goes from seeing the kids every once and while to wanted to have full custody of them. Goes to court and wins custody (possibly because of a corrupt court system). Your sister goes in hiding with the kids to avoid handing them over to the crazy father. Since then you and your family have been harassed, threatened and overall treated poorly by many people in law enforcement, including being arrested.

All of your calls for help so far have been unproductive.

Is this basically it? There are pieces in there about border patrol and most stuff but I’m not seeing a chronological list of what is going on. Maybe my work browser is screwing it up.


So cointelpro never happend? It never involved the FBI? You attend Infragard in Raleigh NC so you know everything about every chapter? Did you see the pdf on the website? Its wayyy more than cyberintel.

Again, you are incorrect. Serious stretch? If you’re that naive to believe that is not his voice then you’re crazy. I don’t need your validation for what me and many others already know is occurring. Thanks for your support!


Have I seen the PDF? I’m an active member. Of course I’ve seen it.

I know more than you do, clearly. I have access to the protected Infragard site, I attend meetings, my co-workers are SMEs, etc…

Of course cointelpro occurred. Of course surveillance is still occurring. The question here is, are they surveilling you. Yes, probably, because you are acting crazy and because they want to get those children out of hiding and arrest your sister. Not because they want to kill you.


Hey fellow Infragard people!

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This is true. I guess I recommended it because if the story is found to be truthful they can help. There are lots of actual professionals on there. But at the same time if the community deems it false it would be brutal.