Fbi plot to kill me - og member here

OG member here. AKA reval. Please cross post this to as many forums as you belong to.

Thank you.

Please listen to the audio


I can’t confirm this is actually @reval

I’ve only read the landing page of the site and it didn’t give me a virus :man_shrugging:

Perhaps @JayS can confirm it’s me. I’ll give a hint. Sams club.

None of the pages will give you a virus. The pages have built in media players which do not require downloading any audio/video. However, there is the option to download.

I doubt a fake Reval would know about the time I helped him pick something up from Sams Club after he gave me that giant playset.

Read through some of this last night, pretty crazy shit.

Yes. I wouldnt believe it if i wasnt actually living it. Its honestly Breaking Bad. Who would suspect?

This is crazy.

I’ve been living this a while. We have called the police to report the harrasment. However, they say they have “legitimate business” and won’t reveal the person(s) identity.

Have you tried to contact the ACLJ or another legal advice / service that could potentially help?

I’ve reached out to multiple sources and something is currently in the works. However, I am still trying to expose this to as many people as possible. I was hoping the car community could band together and be another advocate in my familes journey and help spread the word about what is happening in our very own community.

what the fuck is going on here

EDIT: reading and watching. I’m guessing the children aren’t old enough to tell an attorney their father is a psycho

Double edit - so who could you possibly run to? i feel as if this would need major media attention for you to come out on top

What about posting this on Reddit?

EDIT - serious. That website fucking hates law enforcement and has over 300 million users.

Double edit - I would post it in the media/legal advice section of Reddit. It will gain a ton of traction within hours, like hundreds of thousands of views.


The child was old enough and did. Read the transcripts and Cervi Attorney Audio. The AFC (attorney for children) went against the childs wishes. Yes major media attention is correct and is in the works. It will be big soon. I am posting every where in the mean time, as I feel every second counts.

I tried posting it there on Reddit and it wouldnt let me. When I did, I did not see the post. I think you need to be on there so long to make a post?? Could some one post this on reddit law for me? the link to the site? . I’m not lazy but it would not post.

Theres a few bad apples in LE. Unfortunatley, it seems like all of the bad apples have come out of the wood work. I still think there are good LEO’s out there.

@Onyx_Z32 my first few posts are blocked as spam. Can you unblock the site name please?

This is so messed up. I wish you guys the best with this situation and really hope something is done for you. This is extremely interesting at the same time. Best wishes.

Every subreddit has its own rules and I’ve never posted in that one but I’ve read many.

In all seriousness, some users have posted their story which had then gained the attention of actual lawyers taking on their cases probono, some even ending up in media headlines. I feel like this would be huge. Actual attorneys post advice regularly and some have even moderated the sub. Keep trying. Your story will be on the front page of reddit.

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