FCC loses ruling :(




Just one more example of how big business runs this country




They should have Congress give them the authority to regulate broadband now before the elections…The Republicans will do their best to make sure that doesn’t happen if they gain seats in Nov.


I think congress has full authority to declare broadband a vital infrastructure and regulate it’s neutrality and availability. If we pay farmers to grow food, we can surely pay to make sure we have a stable and far reaching broadband network, as long as the gov keeps their dirty spying hands out of it.

I think I will write Higgens an e-mail.


i read this earlier and i found it funny that a lot of people over at engadget support this


Good :tup:


I don’t know if others caught this but this allows ISPs to prioritize traffic like P2P


If you bothered reading the article you would see a Republican was in charge of the FCC when the original restriction against Comcast to prevent them from blocking bittorrent was placed.


that’s lame





They named it “Net Neutrality” to make it seem like they are trying to help but in reality it gives them the power to block and control the flow of information. If you read the details, it gets kinda scary of what they can do if it passes.


Why would you say it’s good then? I don’t really think you fully understand.

As I understand it, the FCC is FOR net neutrality which means that you cannot censor what your users do on the internet. They were trying to tell Comcast that they could NOT block specific traffic. This court overuled the FCC and told comcast they COULD block specific traffic (like p2p).

Or am I misunderstanding? I don’t think I am.


No, you’ve got it. You’re trying to explain it to a guy who fights other neon drivers that he rear ended in the street though.




I didn’t, I’m saying it’s good it didn’t pass. Net Neutrality is basically an oxymoron which gives the government control over the internet; this can lead to censorship, violations of privacy, and backdoor deals between the government, ISP’s and others companies. Trust me, it’s not what you think it is.


Uhm… you’re backwards…


No, I’m not. You guys are just fooled by it’s name. I don’t want the FCC in control of internet bandwith. The cons out weigh the pros in my opinion.


You’re officially worse than Jeg. Congrats.



This article is written in the style of a debate rather than an encyclopedic summary.

Net neutrality will STILL bring negative regulation as it stands.