FEELER: 2 free guinea pigs with cage and extras...

The girl and I are moving at the end of the month and can’t bring these guys with us. So its looking more and more like we need to find a new good home for them. Just posting this out there to see if thered be any possible interest on here before trying CL.

They are both females and we’ve had them for approx a year so there’s no surprises that one of them turns out to be a guy and you are left with an unwanted litter. The slightly larger and lighter brown and white ones name is Patagonia. The smaller darker brown and white one is Darla. However you could probably rename them as they don’t really care what they are called haha.

The pigs come with a cage, food dish, water bottle, extra wood bedding, most likely some food and timothy hay as well. Down the road if they get any bigger they may need a bigger cage but they seem content in the one they are in now.
They are super easy to care for/don’t smell as long as you clean the cage once a week or so. Plus you can play with them so they’d make a great starter pet for a child.

Darla is on the left Patagonia is on the right:

Would make great meals! GLWS!

Guinea pig bacon and ham steaks!?!?

They look tasty

These would be a big hit at a graduation party.

on the grill

Exactly. Just enough to give everyone a lil taste haha.

My Daughter wants these friggin things… :facepalm

do they come with a couple paper towel rolls ???

Those look big, sure you can handle those? :lol

Well if you end up wanting them lemme know I got til the end of June.

Stupid question LOL, you know he would use those just for a warm-up!

bitch please , thats not for me . its for my old cell mate lol . he im sure could do both at the same time

Bump… in hindsight maybe using the word ‘feeler’ in the title may have been a bad choice of words when dealing with butt tunneling rodents.

lolol i love it

Bet you do.