Ferrari/S13 resemblance..

The Ferrari 328 GTS; my dream car.

I noticed this odd detail…the older (pre-1986) 308’s have a “pignose” style (a la 89-90 S13) and the 328’s have a somewhat comparable look to the 91-94 bumpers:

Anyone else notice this? The Porsche 944 seemed to have the same thing back in the day…must of been the trend…

And wow, the 328 GTS is the hottest car EVAR btw!

are you drunk?

I think you should stop doing hard drugs.

Hahaha…guess the resemblance is a no go!

No drugs for me, but no sleep either so…guess i’ll just wait until I got the cash for my 328… :lol:

Thanks for the…uh…“opinions”. :stuck_out_tongue:

Only resembelance I have found was: Silvia & Dodge Colt's-Dodge-Colt-Turbo.jpg

And what Pavel said about hard drugs.

im reporting you to the police for being on illeagal substances.