Finally found a project for me.

Well finally found something I can enjoy and will really sink my teeth into.

I like Rat Rods.

I hate antiquated technology, at least some of the shit from way back yonder.

I always wanted to do a Rat Rod with newer technology for drivetrain, braking and handling.

Well now I have it.

I have a 53 chevy that I picked up for $200. Body is in decent shape and frame needs a little work, floor pans are solid from what I can tell. Doesn’t matter regardless I have the ability to fix anything so I am not too worried. It’s also ALOT shorter than it looks here which is why I like it soo much.

I also have a 94 Mitsubishi Mighty Max that is justin sitting here that I will probably never do anything with as it was always on the back burner.

I will be lifting the drive train from this car and transplanting it in the 53 chevy.

Mitsubishi 4G64 with a 4G63 head, large turbo, blah blah blah. Newer technology for the drivetrain, braking and suspension. Old skool looks on the styling. B.A.

I don’t expect this to be done anytime soon. It’s something between jobs etc. Probably take me a couple years but it will be done.


should be sweet

i’ll be starting a pool going by month and year you’ll think he’s finished …

buying the square for never has super shitty odds so if you take that one you get less than that square actually costs.

One day she’ll be a real beauty again. :tup:

make sure to take lots of pics… would be an awesome scrapbook for later on in life :tup:


I already started the “When will freek do his clutch pool” :stuck_out_tongue:

that is awesome don!!!
cant wait to see it progess

Note to self: when u get a real job, refer back to this thread

nice to see you get into something Don! :tup:

Sweet, awesome to see you working on your own project for once.


It’s about as long as the DA integra that is sitting there. I am excited.

awesome, something different! should be sweet

The fuck is the chevy sitting in front of?

Oh and cool project. Reminds me of a certain movie where they put a turbo japanese motor in an old american rat. Gonna race it down a mountain when you’re done?

what movie?

That car is sweet, i love old school cars.

F&F3 :mamoru:

Seriously though, cool project. Forgive my ignorance, but when you say “rat rod” I have it in my mind that the car will stay beat looking? Or will you clean it up cosmetically too?

Pretty much this.

Wow, that’ll be beyond siq. It’ll be like sich or something.

Very cool. :tup:

Awesome man. Nice project. Have some fun.

Dinosaur Surgeon/Mechanic.

Since you went with DSM stuff. lol.

layin frame and BOV noises SIQ :stuck_out_tongue:

no rust /= rat rod