Firearm BS thread

Still no one ever sees me conceal carrying :man_shrugging:


What you have in your pants is none of anyone’s business


There has been so much back and forth, injunctions, halts and temporary reversals from Kathy Cunthole’s retaliatory CCW laws that I’ve lost track of what is legal or not legal today.

Good thing is that CCW is……CCW :wink:

ABC gents. No matter what some bitch in Albany thinks :slight_smile:


Agreed. That’s why this is my EDC

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New meaning to…

Looks like the noose tightens up there, eh @bing?

You people better wake up soon before you have to ask permission to piss.

nothing i can do but keep working toward an exit. it’s a real shame. we all know exaclty whats coming and why but there is nothing that can be done about it reasonably.

Your very last word in that statement.

yup. we have been divided and we will be conquered.

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It appears “scary black rifles” can be used for productive hunting. And no, I didnt need 30 rounds to kill a deer. Just one.

185 yards. 129g Hornady Interlock. Went in at 6.5mm. Came out at around 24mm.


The Webley & Scott Wild Fowl gun is an old British shotgun used for hunting waterfowl. It’s not even made anymore and is more likely to be spotted in an episode of The Crown or Downton Abbey than at any Canadian crime scene.

This is specifically a hunting shotgun that the government is banning to stop crime while claiming they are not banning hunting rifles or shotguns. It’s not the only example, there are hundreds more just like it — guns used for hunting or predator control on farms that have no history of crime use in Canada. But, says Justin Trudeau, they aren’t going after hunters.