Firearm BS thread

In my attempt to come back to forums and stay off social media - I will start this thread.

I’ll kick it off w/ my fancy new purchase. is it cute?


500 rounds? What’s that, like $5,000?


I am in the market for a shotgun. I’d like it for home defense but also possible use for hunting. Any recommendations on what to look for? Not looking to break the bank.

a shotgun might be the worst option for home defense - but anything is better than nothing. I don’t know a ton about them, but people seem to start with a Remington 870, and otherwise maybe a benelli m4 is a popular one.


I still need to apply for my pistol permit but I figured the next best thing for now is a Shotgun. Enter my house, I’ll take you out… I’m fine with repairing walls after. lol

12 gauge #1 buck… and a mop to clean up the mess.

the #1 best thing is an AR for home defense - until you get your permit, then its an AR pistol since we can’t do SBRs here… then a pistol of your preference, and your preference is a glock, then a shotgun is last option.

Every issue is a room clearing issue, and I’d prefer to not have a 3ft long shotgun fired from the hip to room clear.

I thought it was illegal to use an AR as home defense because the bullets can travel through walls and into neighbors homes?

It’s not specifically illegal but that’s a very serious concern and why I would never consider a rifle for that purpose. An advantage of a pump action shot gun is that EVERYONE knows what that sound is and would most likely vacate while experiencing a major code brown upon hearing it. Be real, the navy seals aren’t going to be invading your house. A shotgun is fine.

I like the idea of a Taurus judge with 410 pdx rounds. Close counts with that and I’m not as concerned with shooting someone three houses down…

Edit: I’m aware of a situation in which a couple found their 16 year old daughter dead in a pool of blood in her bathroom due to an accidental discharge in a nearby structure. Over travel can’t be overlooked


It is absolutely not illegal, it is THE best choice…and it comes down to universal firearm rules - know whats beyond your target in any situation, including when in your home, wouldn’t be any different in any situation or any different gun.

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Kyle you are going to make me type more than I wanted to today lol.

Kevin if you want to swing over and check out some options, lmk dude! I’d be more than happy to help out, you got me as a reference if you need one as well!


Awesome, thank you. Definitely interested as well.

Do you recall what is needed for references for Tonawanda/Kenmore? My father in law is trying to tell me it can be anyone in Erie County but I thought Tonawanda was strict on needing residence within Tonawanda?

it says on the sheet. if you live in ken/ton, all 4 need to be from ken/ton. if youre Amherst its 2 Amherst, 2 Erie, and everywhere else is 4erie. I live in ken/ton if you need anyone let me know


Amherst only required they be in the county when I got mine. Not sure on Tonawanda/Kenmore. I know Cheektowaga wants them all in Cheektowaga, at least when my buddy got his 5 or 6 years ago because most of his friends didn’t live in Cheektowaga.

Where can you even find a decent shotgun around here.

Stores are nearly empty. No ammo either.

In the town of Tonawanda, all my references had to be in the town.


I had no idea bgc closed. They did a brisk business I thought. Good thing I spazzed out years ago and loaded like 20k rounds of various things lol

On the bright side.
I’ll have less to pay in ammo taxes if I can’t buy any.

Wait… thats dumb

Edit: looks like permit wait times are a lot better.
Unless you want to add a new pistol.
Then its 3-4 weeks.

ladies and girls… let’s buy this: For sale: 9141 N CHIPPAWA Road, Caistor Centre, Ontario L0R1E0 - 40035325 |

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My gun thing went off.
I’ll be answering everyone’s questions throughout the day.
Also, if anyone is DESPERATE for ammo I’m sure I could sell off a few thousand of whatever and still have enough for a rainy day. :slight_smile:


My tactical pump 500 is filled with 1 shot slug, 2nd round buck, 3rd slug etc. lol also I have my Glock on my night stand.