The OFFICIAL Gun Thread.


Everyone post pics of your guns. I searched for “guns” in offbeat and found no threads.

DPMS AR-15 and my 12ga.


That shot gun is awesome


sooo sick


That barrel on the AR is srs!


HK USP Compact. .40


I <3 H&K firearms


nice guns!



I’ll have to get them out and take some pics tonight… I don’t have all of the ones we own here… only 2 so I’ll take pics of them tonight…


Dude list what they are! The lever action is a fun gun!


dude i just realized i have more guns than you…wtf?!


:lol just list what they are so people know what’s in the picture haha


Ryan, u have ur pistol permit? i tried and i was denied. haha

i have my secret clearance from the gov, but i get denied for a pistol permit in albany


Yea, I do. Full carry. They are rough on permits, you need to really know someone “on the inside”, or who knows a Judge. My record is pretty squeeky as well.

You dont need pistol, you has E-muscles.


cossey awsome guns …i want an ar like Dj’s


I lost all mine in a boating accident :slight_smile:


in schenectady you just dont get conceal and carry, they havent allowed one, except from law enforcement, in about 3 yrs or so i think, atleast thats what the teacher of the gun class i had to attend


the day before i found out that this is too heavy for the boat


Nice! Sorry on your loss :lol


Umm I deff see a 203 back therre…

Umm thats fucking awsome lets go get some deer!