NY about to pass strictest gun laws in nation


It passed the Senate last night and will fly through Sheldon Silver’s Assembly with no problem.

A few highlights…
Assault rifles go from 2 features to one.
7 round mags.
1 year to sell your 10 round mags out of state or face charges if found with a magazine loaded with 8 or more.

This is what you get when you vote for Democrats NY.


Already in the Rifle thread…but yeah. I’m pretty sure they just look at the stuff and never ask “Will this do any good”?


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I figured, but this really should be it’s own thread.


M1 Garand. Nothing says fuck you like a 30/06.


Holds 8 rounds…


Add this to the straws on the camels back. I have got to get out of z10n15tland.


It’s a “curio and relic” and doesn’t have a detachable magazine.


Good point, it uses a clip, not a magazine.


Supreme Court challenge or bloody coup are about the only options to stop it now. I’d really like to see the latter.


They already started with “Well the states around NY don’t have strict gun laws so that is where guns are coming from”


Wyoming and Mississippi already said they would nullify any of this BS coming out of Washington? I assume more southern and western states will follow.


Like I said the chances of this happening on a national level are insanely slim.

Figure this would happen in NY


I don’t care about guns or gun ownership, but this seems pretty crazy to me.


Yeah we definitely dont have enough gun talk on this car forum…


We haven’t had car talk on this forum in awhile. Who cares?


Sad but true.


Isn’t there some eurotrash forum you could go be a part of instead of nyspeed?


Also true. So what’s the consensus on this, it takes ammo so it should be probably considered evil in NY. 8/


All I have to say is its nice to see our rights and freedoms being taken away. Say what you want about it but its still the Government limiting more freedoms we were once given for a reason.