First ride on a new motor (DSM)

My friend Tom put a new motor in his eclipse this spring, and yesterday put it on the road for the first time. He decided to take a ride out to see me at the shop.

The lights are not there to “check out” the sweet engine, rather to fix the broken DSM :banghead: It looked kinda Ghetto outside of the shop fixing his car so I snapped a few pics. :slight_smile:

LOL, it wasn’t really his fault, a water line got pinched by the turbo wastegate and put a hole in it. No biggie, just funny cause it’s a DSM.


made it all of 1 location before it broke huh?

Looks nice and yes, they rarely run… :wink:

too bad it pooped out on him


Can’t wait to see it

Yeah, funny part is he took his daily driver off the road too. That’s dedication to DSM :wink:


My DSM never runs.

Seriously, I have been daily driving mine for 7 years now including every winter, and I have no other car. I mean, it has gone through some rough times (motor build) but with 195,xxx on the chassis, I would say it is holding up well for having close to 300 whp. I guess thats one of the perks of owning a parts store.

The real question is: How long before he decides to play “smokey and the bandit” and wrecks it again? I say by the end of August.

LOL :rofl: You guys are terrible, the kid has one little run-in with 22 cops and you hold it over him forever. :slight_smile:


hahahhahahhahah i remember that, it was right after we graduated from high school. i was drinkin with cory and his cell phone rang and he’s all like, oh shit, i gotta go pick up my brother. tommy was just in a high speed police pursuit… :rofl:

Ahhh a second gen F body how cool

lmao “one lil run in with 22 cops” :rofl:

This is super funny :rofl:

Correction: He got 22 tickets, there was only like 10 cop cars there :rofl:
( I was there :headbang: )

My DSM IS my daily driver… when it’s down for days, I’m down for days… My dad and I have become very good at fixing it tho.

haha thats great



:rofl: hahahahahhaahhaahahahahaha I am laughing in the office that is fooking great :rofl: