FJ or 4Runner???

Last week my little brother totaled my dads 2003 explorer. A blessing in disguise because i got my 58 year old ford loving father to convert. So bottom line its either a 4Runner or an FJ mom loves the 4Runner dad loves the FJ. I test drove them both i like them both. Dose anyone have any valid input on either of these like any former owners likes and dislikes to better help the final decision. All opinions welcome unless you have something totally useless and fail related.

fj duh


4 real doors > 2 doors and 2 half doors. Go park next to another car, open up the front door and the rear half door, and try loading stuff inside the vehicle. You can’t because you’ve made a cubicle.

It’s too bad because I really like the FJ but I will never own another half door vehicle after having my supercab ranger for 3 years.

Can’t really answer this question without knowing what your parents value, what they use the vehicle for, etc.

IMO the 4Runner is in a different class, with 4 doors and all. I can’t really figure out what Toyota was thinking putting 2 half-assed doors on a vehicle that big. Oh well, probably thinking the same thing as the old 2 door Explorer sport. :bloated:

Xterra’s are better than both though. :stuck_out_tongue:

4Runner > Xterra > FJ

My dad loves the fj because its well what he considers a MAN truck and my mom loves the 4Runner because its comfortable and nice ect… But i totally agree half doors suck real bad.

Xterra’s…meh its a nissan, it will drop value like an explorer.

I would go for the 4 runner, I know what you dad tows, and the v6 4 runner will do the job great, but I feel like the fj might hold up on the interior better.

I prefer the 4runner.

the fj, to me, seems like toyota’s answer to the H2, clientèle-wise…

although it may be more capable, it just seems like a yuppie wagon.

the irony of this statement will truely be apparent when i post up my new purchase. LOL.

^ I may have to blow up your spot if the dossing doesn’t stop

lol that confirms in my mind what I think he got.

lol. dossing rules. it will all be over soon.

so newman bought a h2…nooo.

:word: He’s going to be roving around local high schools picking up 14 year olds and their moms now.

come on you 2 knock it off.

Both are good trucks but if i had to pick between the two I would pick the FJ… You can make them trucks look sweet.

I don’t really see anything “manly” about the FJ.
That V8 badge on the 4runner makes it much more manly than the FJ. :tup:

the FJ(aside from being the ugliest truck on 4 wheels) was tested by some car magazines and is just horrible in terms of performance for what it is.

4 runner is much nicer and SUVesque IMO.

4Runner. The FJ has blind spots like whoa. Just be careful with a 4Runners sunroof haha.

the 4runners rear Tailgate window rolls down

4 Runner > FJ I owned an FJ for 1.5 years. Look up on the FJ Cruiser forum about engine bay body rips, rear ends grenading, and windshields breaking.

thanks for all the input we just got back from the dealership and 4 Runner limited it is…