Flaming shot taker ver. 2.0



:rofl: :lol:

:rofl: people are sooo stupid

rofl i love dumb people :tup:

I cant see this because my computer at my house is a piece, is it the same guy from my sig???

edit nm the link to the one that was in my sig changed

those were men right?

confused me as i heard little bitches screaming


the funny part is that these guys have probably seen the video of the other guy that tried to do this…but like complete idiots they tried it anyways!!

thats what i was thinkin

noobs :roll:

them screaming hurt my ears
some people are just soo dumb

The freezeframe of the dudes face at the end…priceless :lol:

i was like wtf ? i thought it got spilled on a girl till i saw him laying on the floor all red faced

haha… what a panzy

that is so funny

haha… pansy… it was an alcohol fire… doubt it even burned his ball hair… if he had any

stupid people are funny

I saw my dad take a flaming shot… and lit his hand on fire… someone else had to put it out, he didnt even notice.

these kids gotta relax… we used to spray our hands with hair spray and light them on fire.

I find Off bug spray works really well for that trick too.

natural selection > *